NuSaSET Publication Portfolio

NuSaSET offers its academics a wide range of prestigious publications through its sponsoring organisations. From this page you have the opportunity to browse through the publication portfolio of IAEA, ESARDA and INMM. The three fetured columns bring you to our partners website where Journals, Bulletins and Books are being offered. Where also you will be provided the opportunity to submit your research results to the Nuclear Safeguards and Non Proliferation Community.

INMM Publications


of Nuclear Materials Management -- Quarterly peer-reviewed journal for the nuclear materials management professional

INMM Communicator -- INMM's newsletter, published online three times each year
INMM Annual Meeting Proceedings -- CDs that contain the complete text of papers presented at the Annual Meeting each year
ITVs 2000 -- International Target Values -- Download a copy today
Monograph on Spent Fuel Storage Technologies -- a comprehensive, detailed look
at the most prominent spent fuel storage technologies that are in use today, or being considered for use, in the United States and worldwide

ESARDA Publications


ESARDA publishes a Bulletin containing scientific and technical articles related to safeguards and verification as well as news related to the ESARDA activities.
This publication appears twice a year. In addition, thematic special issues are published as proposed by the ESARDA community.

All ESARDA editorial activities are carried out at JRC Ispra.
The Editor of the Bulletin can be contacted at: esarda-bulletin[at]

The articles of the old Bulletin issues are available in the Esarda data base.

IAEA Publications

The IAEA is a leading publisher in the nuclear field. Its scientific and technical publications include international safety standards, technical guides, conference proceedings and scientific reports. Publications of a more general interest include the IAEA Bulletin, factsheets and topical booklets. Go to IAEA Publications.