The IAEA’s technical cooperation programme supports fellowships and scientific visits. Fellowships are generally awarded as part of a technical cooperation project, while scientific visits are of short duration and aimed at senior staff and specialists.

Fellowship programme

Fellowships support the development of the human resources needed at the national level for the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. They are normally awarded for periods of up to one year and are available to university graduates or their equivalent and to individuals at technician level in the requested field, mainly through project-oriented on-the-job training.

Subject to the availability of funds and suitable training opportunities, candidates are selected on the basis of educational and professional qualifications, the needs of the Member State concerned, the number of fellowships previously awarded to that State, and the language proficiency of the nominee.

Scientific visits

The IAEA also has a programme of scientific visits, which are shorter in duration, typically ranging from a few days to a maximum of two weeks.

Scientific visits are awarded to senior staff so they can study the development of nuclear science and technology, organizational aspects and functioning of special services, training programmes and schools in nuclear science, or observe research activities. They broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries and do not exceed two weeks’ duration.

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