Location Bootle, Cheltenham or London
Salary £45,492 - £60,370 (plus £3,992 London Weighting Allowance if London based)
Close date 07 Oct 2018

Job description

ONR oversees the application of nuclear safeguards to ensure that the UK complies with its international safeguards obligations by:

  • Working with the UK nuclear industry and others with safeguards reporting requirements, and safeguards inspectors from the European Commission (Euratom) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to make sure that the safeguards measures applied are both effective and efficient;
  • Assisting UK operators, especially those unfamiliar with the subject, in meeting safeguards requirements;
  • Implementing the Additional Protocol to the current UK/IAEA/Euratom Safeguards Agreement, which helps increase the IAEA’s capability to detect undeclared nuclear activities in non-nuclear-weapon states;
  • Maintaining an involvement in international safeguards-related organisations such as the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA) and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM);
  • Providing support to safeguards officials in the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on UK safeguards policy issues as well as on other safeguards-related aspects of international and non-proliferation policy; and
  • Ensuring that safeguards measures do not place unreasonable demands on, or result in unnecessary commercial disadvantage to, the UK organisations involved.

In a change to the current role, ONR is working to develop the capacity and capability to establish the State System of Accountancy for and Control of nuclear material (SSAC) which will be required once the UK has withdrawn from the Euratom Treaty.

The team is part of ONR’s Civil Nuclear Security Division and works in close cooperation with colleagues across the full range of ONR’s directorates which provides opportunities to gain the broadest possible insight and to make valuable contributions to the work of the organisation as a whole. 

About The Role

Key Responsibilities

Post holders will have a key role in delivering ONR’s strategy and mission in four particular areas of responsibility, helping to provide:

  • The UK Government with an independent, informed assessment of safeguards implementation and compliance in the UK, supporting and intervening as required with UK organisations and the safeguards inspectorates of Euratom and the IAEA to ensure that UK safeguards obligations are met in a proportionate manner;
  • Advice and support to BEIS and Other Government Departments on matters relating to safeguards implementation and associated policy development;
  • The development and maintenance of a wide range of contacts, including at senior level, within the safeguards inspectorates, all UK organisations subject to safeguards requirements, officials from UK Government Departments (BEIS, FCO and MOD) and with safeguards authorities in other States; and
  • The unique opportunity of playing a fundamental part in the development of a UK SSAC.

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