• Organization: SGTS-Unattended Monitoring Systems Team
  • Primary Location: Austria-Vienna-Vienna-IAEA Headquarters
  • Job Posting: 2018-03-07, 2:02:24 PM
  • Closing Date: 2018-04-21, 11:59:00 PM
  • Duration in Months: 36
  • Contract Type: Fixed Term - Regular
  • Probation Period: 1 Year

Organizational Setting

The Department of Safeguards (SG) is the organizational hub for the implementation of IAEA safeguards. The IAEA implements nuclear verification activities for some 180 States in accordance with their safeguards agreements. The safeguards activities are undertaken within a dynamic and technically challenging environment including advanced nuclear fuel cycle facilities and complemented by the political diversity of the countries.

The Department of Safeguards consists of six Divisions: three Operations Divisions: A, B and C, for the implementation of verification activities around the world; three Technical Divisions: Division of Concepts and Planning, Division of Information Management, and Division of Technical and Scientific Services; as well as three Offices: the Office for Verification in Iran, the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services and the Office of Information and Communication Services.
The Division of Technical and Scientific Services (SGTS) is the departmental branch for nuclear and other measurement systems applied in verification activities, containment and surveillance techniques and all verification logistics. Within the Department of Safeguards, the Division of Technical Support is responsible for the development and implementation of the Department's equipment systems.The Section for Unattended Systems (TUS) is responsible for the full development, assembly, testing, implementation and maintenance cycle of all measurement and surveillance systems to be permanently installed and operating in unattended mode at nuclear facilities worldwide. The Section is comprised of two specialized teams (technical units): Surveillance and Unattended Monitoring Systems.

Main Purpose

As a team member reporting to the Leader of the Unattended Monitoring Systems (UMS) Team, the Instrumentation Specialist provides professional expertise for the development and deployment of unattended non-destructive assay (NDA) systems. He/she participates in and leads a team of technicians in the UMS Team in the planning, supervision and implementation of these installation activities, which include cradle-to-grave responsibility for unattended monitoring systems.


The Instrumentation Specialist is: a team leader, ensuring the efficient and effective implementation of the development, installation, service and verification of UMS and supervising Team technicians; a technical specialist, advising the UMS Team Leader, technicians and other technical staff; an implementer, installing, calibrating and testing UMS; and an engineer, designing, developing, and assembling UMS.

Functions / Key Results Expected

Provide effective engineering solutions for UMS using existing data acquisition and measurement systems.

Install, calibrate, and test UMS at various nuclear facilities throughout the world.

Repair, maintain and address operational problems of existing UMS installed throughout the world.

Participate with other Unit members and the Unit Head in the development of new, advanced UMS technology, particularly NDA technology and data acquisition systems.

Develop and write the required quality management system (QMS) documents, testing and calibration procedures for equipment, and trip reports that detail the installation, repair, design or calibration of UMS installed at nuclear facilities.

Evaluations of nuclear facilities throughout the world to determine the most effective UMS solution that could be applied in particular instances.

Provide expert advice and support to the three Operations Divisions to determine implementation requirements and ensure that all requirements are satisfied within available resources.

Oversee the evaluation and testing of UMS and relevant components prior to deployment in the field.

Draft and present clear and concise plans and presentations covering strategy, sustainability, standardization, project management, implementation, maintenance and procurement needs, technical specifications and procedures.

The incumbent may perform his/her work in areas involving exposure to radioactive materials. Therefore, as an Occupationally Exposed Worker, he/she must be medically cleared by VIC Medical Service and is subject to an appropriate radiation and health monitoring programme, in accordance with the IAEA's Radiation Safety Regulations.


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