export controlExport control of dual use goods developed since the early 70’s to counter nuclear proliferation. The paper provides an overview of dual-use export control issues also in relation with the Additional Protocol to the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement, which requires States to provide declarations of the export of the controlled items listed in its Annex II, derived from the Nuclear Suppliers Group Trigger list. Recommendations for improvement are proposed.

On the EU level, the paper summarises the framework set by the European Council Regulation 428/2009, requiring Member States to impose control on exports, brokering and transit of dual use goods. The Regulation includes the so-called “EU dual-use control list” integrating the lists of dual-use items defined by the international regimes and requires also the control on intangible technology transfers as foreseen by UN Security Council Resolution 1540. ESARDA has recently launched a new sub-Working Group on export control, which raised large interest and may evolve to a full-fledged WG. Export control may provide an opportunity of technical collaboration between ESARDA and INMM.

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