NuSaSET - Courses & Training

  • Course Section: POLS 410-001
  • Meeting Time: T/R 11:10-12:25 pm (FALL 2017)
  • Meeting Place: Baker Center 207

This course will cover the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons. By the end of the semester, students should (1) understand the basic processes of fission and fusion, (2) be able to describe the efforts by the U.S. and USSR to control nuclear weapons, (3) list the current countries that possess nuclear weapons, (4) identify the strengths and weaknesses of the non-proliferation regime (5) explain why the U.S. objects to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea obtaining such weapons and how nuclear weapons have affected the India-Pakistani rivalry, and (5) be able to challenge established doctrine for why nuclear weapons are still necessary for U.S. security. Finally, students will develop an understanding of the political process and international negotiation through an in-class treaty simulation.

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