Organization: SG-Department of Safeguards
Primary Location: Austria-Vienna-Vienna-IAEA Headquarters
Job Posting: 2017-08-04, 12:00:00 AM
Closing Date: 2017-09-08, 11:59:00 PM
Duration in Months: 36
Contract Type: Fixed Term - Regular
Probation Period: 1 Year

Multiple positions

Organizational Setting

The Department of Safeguards (SG) is the organizational hub for the implementation of IAEA safeguards. The IAEA implements nuclear verification activities for some 180 States in accordance with their safeguards agreements. The safeguards activities are undertaken within a dynamic and technically challenging environment including advanced nuclear fuel cycle facilities and complemented by the political diversity of the countries.

The Department of Safeguards consists of six Divisions: three Operations Divisions: A, B and C, for the implementation of verification activities around the world; three Technical Divisions: Division of Concepts and Planning, Division of Information Management, and Division of Technical and Scientific Services; as well as three Offices: the Office for Verification in Iran, the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services and the Office of Information and Communication Services.

The primary focus of each Division of Operations is to perform and document safeguards verification activities and to conduct analysis and evaluations aimed at providing assurances that States comply with their nuclear safeguards commitments. The Divisions implement a broad range of measures, including information analysis and in-field verification, to draw soundly based safeguards conclusions for States.

The operating environment is participative, interactive, analytical and dynamic. Many sensitive issues require the utmost discretion.


Main Purpose

The incumbent will be assigned to one of the Divisions of Operations and, under the supervision of a Section Head and a Senior Inspector, will participate in the implementation of the IAEA's safeguards activities and, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors, function as a safeguards inspector.



The incumbent will prepare for and perform safeguards verification activities in conformity with safeguards agreements, and will document and report on the results of these activities. This includes the analysis of large amounts of data and information collected from various sources (including State declarations, inspections, verification of information related to the design of nuclear facilities, nuclear material accountancy, non-destructive assay (NDA) measurements, containment and surveillance systems, complementary access, environmental sampling, satellite imagery, open sources, etc.). He/she will thereby provide the IAEA with the factual findings for assuring the international community that States are fulfilling their safeguards obligations.

The incumbent may also be given the responsibilities of facility/site officer or country officer, working collaboratively with analysts, technicians and other staff across the Department.


Functions / Key Results Expected


Carry out verification and analytical work as part of safeguards activities and inspections at various nuclear facilities and sites, and at HQ, in order to verify:
- the absence of undeclared nuclear material or activities;
- undeclared production or processing of nuclear material at declared facilities; and
- non-diversion of nuclear material.

In-field activities:

Verification of nuclear material accountancy, including examination of records and reports prepared by the facility operator and/or State or regional safeguards authorities.
Collection of nuclear material and environmental samples.
Routine servicing of containment and surveillance equipment.
Calibration and operation of instruments for measuring nuclear material.
Verification of the absence of undeclared activities and the scope and purpose of nuclear related activities at places primarily involved in the nuclear fuel cycle of a state.
Verification of design information to confirm information provided by States and relevance of safeguards approaches.

HQ Activities:

Plan and prepare for safeguards verification activities.
Review and evaluate remote monitoring and surveillance information for nuclear sites and facilities (including seals, sensors and surveillance data).
Review and analyse safeguards relevant information and report and follow-up on results in liaison with relevant Department partners.
Complete inspection, design information and complementary access reports and statements related to them with due regard to promptness, accuracy, completeness and quality of presentation.
Analyse the consistency of declarations provided by the State and data collected through safeguards verification activities and take follow-up action where necessary.
As a facility/site officer, establish and maintain technical information with regard to specific safeguards facilities/sites and provide technical and administrative coordination of the IAEA's safeguards in specified facilities, providing reports and updates to senior managers and key safeguards groups.
Upon assignment as a country officer, collaboratively prepare/coordinate State evaluations on the basis of analysis of all the available information (including State declarations and reports, inspection results, facility design information, complementary access, computerized databases and open sources) to formulate conclusions and draft reports for use by key safeguards groups and committees and for senior management in reporting to States and to the Board of Governors.
Evaluate inspection and other verification results and summarize information to be used as input for future inspections and activities.

Competencies and Expertise

Core Competencies

Communication Communicates orally and in writing in a clear, concise and impartial manner. Takes time to listen to and understand the perspectives of others and proposes solutions.
Achieving Results Takes initiative in defining realistic outputs and clarifying roles, responsibilities and expected results in the context of the Department/Division’s programme. Evaluates his/her results realistically, drawing conclusions from lessons learned.
Teamwork Actively contributes to achieving team results. Supports team decisions.
Planning and Organizing Plans and organizes his/her own work in support of achieving the team or Section’s priorities. Takes into account potential changes and proposes contingency plans.

Functional Competencies

Resilience Maintains a high level of performance when facing pressure and uncertainty. Able to remain calm and self-controlled, and to respond logically and decisively in difficult situations.
Judgement/decision making Consults with supervisor/manager and takes decisions in full compliance with the Agency’s regulations and rules. Makes decisions reflecting best practice and professional theories and standards.
Technical/scientific credibility Ensures that work is in compliance with internationally accepted professional standards and scientific methods. Provides scientifically/technically accepted information that is credible and reliable.
Analytical thinking Analyses information to identify cause and effect relationships and correlations. Identifies critical elements and assesses consequences of different courses of action and proposes solutions.

Required Expertise

FunctionNameExpertise Description
Safeguards Nuclear Fuel Cycle/Nuclear Facilities Demonstrable knowledge of the nuclear fuel cycle and associated facilities.
Safeguards Safeguards System, Basic Understanding of nuclear safeguards.

Asset Expertise

FunctionNameExpertise Description
Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering and Technology Proven knowledge / experience of enrichment, reprocessing or other relevant technologies ( Non-Destructive Assay, Destructive Assay, fuel fabrication, nuclear trade analysis, nuclear forensics, research and development in nuclear technologies)
Safeguards Safeguards Inspecting Previous experience in the area of nuclear safeguards or in safeguards inspection at a national or international level.

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