Organization: SGCP-Process Design Section
Primary Location: Austria-Vienna-Vienna-IAEA Headquarters
Job Posting: 2017-06-30, 6:37:55 AM
Closing Date: 2017-08-14, 9:59:00 PM
Duration in Months: 36
Contract Type: Fixed Term - Regular
Probation Period: 1 Year

Organizational Setting

The Department of Safeguards (SG) is the organizational hub for the implementation of IAEA safeguards. The IAEA implements nuclear verification activities for some 180 States in accordance with their safeguards agreements. The safeguards activities are undertaken within a dynamic and technically challenging environment including advanced nuclear fuel cycle facilities and complemented by the political diversity of the countries.

The Department of Safeguards consists of six Divisions: three Operations Divisions: A, B and C, for the implementation of verification activities around the world; three Technical Divisions: Division of Concepts and Planning, Division of Information Management, and Division of Technical and Scientific Services; as well as three Offices: the Office for Verification in Iran, the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services and the Office of Information and Communication Services.

The Division of Concepts and Planning is responsible for strategic planning, the development and promotion of safeguards concepts and policy, the coordination of research and development activities, the implementation of the quality management system of the Department, and the provision and development of training.

The Process Design Section is responsible for the implementation of an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system in the Department, to ensure consistent implementation of well-defined processes. The Section’s activities include guiding the design and implementation of departmental processes, implementing methods to measure process performance and providing feedback and assistance to process owners.
The Section is also responsible for delivering training in quality management tools and techniques to staff, managing the Departmental document repository and designing and implementing cost calculation tools. The Section also coordinates knowledge management activities in the Department.

Main Purpose

As a member of a team led by the Section Head, the Safeguards Analyst (Design) coordinates one or more of the key quality processes in the Department's management system including advising on priorities and implementing improvements to the process, and supports the development and maintenance of the management system through involvement in process design implementation, analysis and improvement.


The Safeguards Analyst (Design) is: (1) a coordinator of one or more of the key quality processes in the Department's management system and of knowledge management-related practices and activities within the Department; (2) an analyst and evaluator of the performance of complex technical processes to determine necessary improvements; (3) a facilitator of process improvement groups; (4) a trainer in quality management principles, tools and techniques; and (5) a designer of processes to implement new concepts and approaches.

Functions / Key Results Expected

Coordinate quality processes in the Department's management system and monitor the effectiveness of their implementation.

Lead and facilitate process improvement teams in the Department.

Propose improvements to the Department's management system.

Design processes, as necessary, to implement new or revised safeguards concepts or approaches.

Identify and recommend ways to create, share and utilize knowledge within the Department to contribute to a culture of knowledge sharing among Departmental staff.

Develop and implement knowledge management-related practices and activities within the Department.

Propose and coordinate communication strategies designed to enhance awareness of the Departmental quality management system.

Prepare and deliver training to staff of the Department on process improvements, corrective actions and general quality management issues.

Competencies and Expertise

Core Competencies

Planning and Organizing Plans and organizes his/her own work in support of achieving the team or Section’s priorities. Takes into account potential changes and proposes contingency plans.
Communication Communicates orally and in writing in a clear, concise and impartial manner. Takes time to listen to and understand the perspectives of others and proposes solutions.
Achieving Results Takes initiative in defining realistic outputs and clarifying roles, responsibilities and expected results in the context of the Department/Division’s programme. Evaluates his/her results realistically, drawing conclusions from lessons learned.
Teamwork Actively contributes to achieving team results. Supports team decisions.


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