About Us!

As a member of the Penn State chapter, you will:

  • Meet with and attend talks given by guests from all over the country.
  • Visit government agencies, research facilities and other locations relevant to nuclear materials management.
  • Socialize with other Penn State students with similar interests and ambitions.

Interested in becoming a national member?

As a member of the national chapter:

  • You will have access to INMM’s mentor program which connects students with professionals in the field of nuclear materials management.
  • You will receive a subscription to the Journal of Nuclear Materials Management, a quarterly publication.
  • You will have access to the INMM archives, giving you access to 35years worth of technical papers.
  • You will be provided with opportunities to network directly with professionals through chapter activities, technical division activities, and the INMM annual meeting.
  • You will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and fellowships. 
INMM Mission Statement

INMM was formed in 1958 to encourage:

  • The advancement of nuclear materials management in all it's aspects.
  • The promotion of research in the field of nuclear materials management.
  • The establishment of standards, consistent with existing professional norms.
  • The improvement of the qualification of those engaged in nuclear materials management and safeguards through high standards of professional ethics, education, and attainments, and the recognition of those who meet such standards.
  • The increase and dissemination of information through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, and publications


Is INMM an organization I should consider?

If you are planning on a career in the nuclear industry, hope to pursue research related to nuclear materials or have an interest in policy associated with nuclear energy and materials then INMM is a perfect fit for you!

I'm already a member of ANS so why join INMM?

ANS and INMM are similar organization, but INMM will provide you with better access to professional scientists, policy makers, and researchers working for foreign and domestic research facilities or government institutions. Where ANS is more industry oriented, INMM is more focused on research and policy. We complement each other nicely, so why not join both?

What if I'm not a scientist or an engineer?

The advancement of nuclear materials management is an endeavor that requires expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds including: mathematics, statistics, law, policy, and all of the science and engineering disciplines. All you need is an interest in topics related to nuclear materials!

If you have any questions feel free to email us here. Or come to a meeting!