The scope of the Nuclear Safeguards&Security Education and Training (NuSaSET) WG is to raise awareness of and promote the provision of training and education quality products in the area of nuclear safeguards, non-proliferation and nuclear security.


The European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA) and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) both have long involvement in nuclear safeguards research and development. The ESARDA Working Group TKM (Training and Knowledge Management) already addresses training and education issues.

Following the ESARDA/INMM Tokyo meeting held in October 2008, both organisations recognised the added value of addressing jointly the issue of education and training in nuclear safeguards, non-proliferation and nuclear security and decided to create a joint working group. This working group will deal with the objectives listed below.


The objectives of the NUSASET Working Group are:objectives

a. Identify, prioritize and contribute to filling gaps in Training and Education (T&E) for Safeguards (SG), Non-Proliferation (NP) and Nuclear Security (NS)

b. Increasing awareness and sensitivities on the topics of SG, NP and NS

c. Assure sustainability including fund raising for continued T&E initiatives

d. Prepare for nuclear renaissance (especially in countries not having any existing infrastructure for this purpose and for new build, design, and construction of current and future reactor systems)

e. Capture dwindling nuclear knowledge currently present

f. Retention of current workforce through retraining and corresponding career development

g. Higher visibility in general public on topics like SG&NP&NS

h. Disseminating information on SG&NP&NS topics

i. Creating inroads between stakeholders

j. Contribute to raising overall SG&NP&NS culture; e.g. achieve higher level of (voluntary) compliance and contributions to NP and turn SG&NP&NS good practices to a positive branding

k. Promote the attractiveness of the SG&NP&NS working areas and contribute to increasing the recruitment pool