Code: 2019-GEE-G2-FGIV-012128 - GEEL
FG IV - Project Officer - Scientific Research
Deadline: 06/09/2019 23:59 Brussels time

As the science and knowledge service of the Commission, the mission of DG Joint Research Centre is to support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle.

The JRC is located in 5 Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain). Further information is available at:

The mission of the JRC Directorate G for Nuclear Safety and Security is the implementation of the JRC Euratom Research and Training Programme, the maintenance and dissemination or nuclear competences in Europe to serve both “ nuclear “ and “non-nuclear” Member States, a strong cooperation and complementarity with their national organisations or key relevance.


JRC Directorate G supports the relevant policy DGs with independent, technical and scientific evidence in the areas of nuclear safety, security and safeguards. Directorate G is also an active key partner in international networks and collaborates with international organisations and prominent Academia and Research Institutes.

Specifically, the mission of Unit G.2 is to provide highquality reference nuclear data, measurement standards, science-based policy advice and training in support of EU policies related to nuclear safety, security and safeguards. Unit G.2 operates two accelerator-based nuclear data facilities, an underground laboratory, radionuclide metrology and nuclear reference materials laboratories. The unit cooperates closely with international organisations and offers relevance-driven open access to its nuclear facilities for external researchers from EU Member States and countries associated to the Euratom Research Programme.


The project officer will support JRC Unit G.2 in carrying out its work programme for JRC Open Access to the linear electron accelerator facility GELINA and the tandem accelerator MONNET as well as for the institutional, competitive and collaborative projects the Unit is engaged in. The CA will work in the TARGET laboratory developing, providing, and characterizing thin homogeneous layers of enriched stable and nuclear material and other samples for the measurements of constants critical for the nuclear safety of nuclear systems and for dealing with long-lived nuclear waste. These well-characterised targets are used for experiments at the GELINA and MONNET and in collaborative projects with Member States, DGs and international partners. Furthermore, the CA will implement new requirements for compliance with the ISO standards 17025 and 17034.



A PhD in a related subject.
Good knowledge of English (level B2).
The CA should have knowledge in material sciences, material physics or chemistry and in analytical laboratory practices. Experience in working in a nuclear laboratory is an advantage. Knowledge or experience in quality control and quality assurance is an asset.

The CA needs problem solving and analysing skills, communicates well and can work in a team.

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