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ENS' Position Paper on Preventing nuclear proliferation

ENSlogo539110Our highlighted article features the European Nuclear Society's High Scientific Council position paper on nuclear proliferation issues: Preventing nuclear proliferation: a duty for the nuclear community.

Read the Paper prepared by Pierre Goldschmidt with the help of Bernard Bonin here.

The EC Cooperative Support Programme: 30 Years of Activities

cover-46This month's featured article is an extract from the ESARDA Bulletin n. 46. The article is a joint effort of JRC's leading experts in the field, working in different Institutes (ITU, IRMM, Burssels HQ). The theme focuses on the 'The European Commission Cooperative Support Programme: 30 Years of Activities'.

To read the whole article click here.

Department of Safeguards releases documents

Andreas-presboIt is often difficult, even for those that specialize in verification, to get a grip on how the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) safeguards system actually works. Most would know that it involves the state declaring that they have a certain amount of material, with the IAEA checking that the declaration is correct. But how does the inspectors actually go about checking this, and how do states in practice declare their fissile material holdings? A new set of documents on the Agency website shows just that. A little gem of a page can be found hidden in a crevice deep inside the Agency’s sprawling website.

Read the complete article here.

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by Andreas Persbo

2010 ESARDA Bulletin

B_2010_045_cover45-95x140This month's featured article is taken from the December 2010 ESARDA Bulletin, in which Dr. Bruno Pellaud discusses the important events and their outcomes of last year. A Personal Appraisal of 2010… reviews the continued efforts of leading organisations and national support programmes to improve the effectiveness of the safeguards system.

Read more: 2010 ESARDA Bulletin