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Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nonproliferation

movingbeyondThe further proliferation and possible use of nuclear weapons are among the very greatest threats to U.S. and international security, yet most governments and industry officials downplay the risks of civilian nuclear technology and materials being diverted to make bombs and use this optimistic assessment in formulating U.S. and international nuclear trade and nonproliferation policies. 

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Preventing Iranian Nuclear Weapons—Beyond the “Comprehensive Solution”

articleNegotiations on Iran’s nuclear program are continuing in an effort to produce a follow-on agreement, termed the “Comprehensive Solution,” to the November 2013 “Joint Plan of Action” (JPA).  Much of the discussion of the Comprehensive Solution has focused on the terms such an agreement should include to prevent Iran from being able to produce nuclear weapons.

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Source: Nonproliferation Policy Education Center

New Media Solutions in Nonproliferation and Arms Control: Opportunities and Challenges

new-mediaThe large numbers of global users of social networking sites together with the rise of smartphone technology has led to renewed interest in the concept of societal verification or “inspection by the people” as a method to address persistent nonproliferation and arms control challenges. Despite the intuitive appeal of this idea, the nonproliferation community has little understanding of the dynamics of the online world in such a context. Given the capabilities and limitations of these new technologies, how can the nonproliferation and arms control community effectively tap into this rapidly growing new media field?

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Source: Monterey Institute of International Studies

CBRN Safety

cbrnA recent edition of Pan European Networks, dating May 2014, highlights the EU CBRN CoE initiative and its efforts to promote safety and security in the field of CBRN. The article features an interview with the Joint Research Centre’s Michael Thornton.

The article calls upon the need for regional cooperation as a prerequisite for promoting security in the field of CBRN, and the need for continuing to foster networks and to exchange knowledge.

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The Nonproliferation Review

NP-reviewLast year the Oxford University Press released Daniel H. Joyner’s Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a welcome and overdue addition to the literature on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

Read the book review by Thomas Graham Jr. entitled Re-Eestablishing Balance in the NPT.