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Preventing illicit trade in dual-use items & technologies

vertic article2Some technologies and items can be used both in normal industry and commerce as well as in nuclear weapons or missile programmes. These items and technologies are referred to as ‘dual-use’ and they present a significant weapons proliferation risk. Countries attempt to prevent these items from being diverted from peaceful uses to making weaponry by using national border controls and by establishing international mechanisms.

Source: Trust & Verify, January-March 2015 • Issue Number 148 • ISSN 0966–9221


Managing threats from emerging technologies: can safeguards show the way?

bulletin51-thumbThe system of international nuclear safeguards implemented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is primarily a means of verification of states’ commitments under various legal instruments, principally the Nuclear Non‑Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to utilize controlled nuclear fission for peaceful purposes only. However, the safeguards system can also be seen as a mechanism through which states acted to reduce the threat posed by a new technology that had a transformative impact on existing national security paradigms when it emerged in the twentieth century. In the twenty‑first century, new technologies with equally profound national security implications are emerging.

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Advancing Nuclear Security: Evaluating Progress and Setting New Goals

nuclear FA"In the lead-up to the nuclear security summit in The Hague, Advancing Nuclear Security: Evaluating Progress and Setting New Goals outlines what was accomplished in a four-year effort launched in 2009 to secure nuclear material around the globe—and what remains to be done....The authors conclude that “all countries with nuclear weapons, separated plutonium, or highly enriched uranium (HEU) on their soil have more to do to ensure these items are effectively and lastingly secured.”

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IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards Proceedings

iaea-sympIAEA has announced that the electronic proceedings reference document containing the available presentations and full papers from the Symposium on International Safeguards has been posted on the Symposium Website under Book of Abstracts, Presentations and Papers.

This document acts as the repository for the abstracts, presentations given at the Symposium, and submitted papers. It will be updated as the remaining papers are finalized.

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