What is INMM?

The institute of Nuclear Materials Management is the ideal forum for interacting with leaders in nuclear materials management in industry, government, academia, and international organizations throughout the world.

The INMM provides effective leadership and professional development in the field of nuclear materials management.

INMM membership provides many opportunities to learn the best approaches and procedures for implementing all aspects of nuclear materials management.

At the same time, INMM members participate in the advancement of nuclear materials management through technical paper presentations, technical division and committee work, and standards development.

Through this work, the INMM fills the void created by the limited curricula for the training of nuclear materials management professionals at educational institutions.

The INMM promotes excellence in the field of nuclear materials management by:

  • Holding members to high standards of professional ethics, education, and performance, and by publicly recognizing those who meet those standards, thereby encouraging improvements in the qualifications of those in nuclear materials management.
  • Promoting research and development of new concepts, approaches, techniques, and equipment in the field of nuclear materials management.
  • Sponsoring and acting as secretariat for the American National Standards Institute's Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive and Non-Nuclear Hazardous Material (N-14) and Methods of Nuclear Materials Control (N-15) committees.

Who are INMM Members?

INMM members are the leaders in nuclear materials management throughout the world. Anyone involved in the development, teaching, and application of technologies and procedures for the management of nuclear materials is invited to apply for membership in the INMM.

The Institute combines the training and expertise of those actively involved in the development and application of procedures and equipment with those who are directly involved in operations.

Membership is free.